World Children Fund feeds more than 2000 hungry children each day who are living in some of Africa's largest, most notorious slums and impoverished areas including Makindu, Garissa, Kambi Teso slum and Kibera slum. Kibera slum is known for its high incidence of typhoid, cholera, malaria and crime. It has no flora or fauna. The maze of shanty's, garbage and waste is void of gardens, green trees or even an organized play area for children.

It is one of the largest urban slums on the African Continent, located about five kilometers outside of the capital city, Nairobi. Malnutrition afflicts countless children. They endure disease and sickness.

More than a thousand children who call Kibera slum home, walk across refuse and rubbish each day to our World Children's Fund feeding site. Here, our staff greet them and lovingly provide a nutritious meal. In an environment where very few things are stable, our WCF supported kids know they can count on at least one meal a day.

Jennifer Hatley, our WCF partner has been working in Kenya for twenty-five years. “Our feeding programs in the slums are doing amazing things. A teacher recently expressed concern about a young girl living in Kibera Slum who kept fainting from hunger during school. She has been enrolled in our WCF feeding program where she receives one nutritious meal per day. According to the headmaster of the school, she improved dramatically within three months. She is healthy, well and she is performing at the head of her class.”

In the Makindu settlement, in southeastern Kenya, a consistent drought has pushed an already destitute population to the brink of starvation. Food shortages are rampant. About 850 children in this area receive daily feedings through World Children's Fund.

“We see marked improvement in energy levels and wellness after a child has only been on a feeding program for ten days. The children in these regions benefit greatly from our life-saving feeding programs,” said Hatley.

For all of the children in our WCF supported feeding programs, hope is served each day at noon.